Thursday, March 26, 2020

Pandemic diary for March 26: UWO seeks to raise emergency funds to assist struggling students

Source: Winnebago County Health Department

UW Oshkosh alumnus has offered a $50,000 matching grant to help the school raise emergency funds for students affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Reduced work hours or the outright loss of jobs has put many students in a bind, the university said. Students are also transitioning to online courses, which may put a strain on their personal technology.

“UWO students have reached out to me personally and shared the hardships they are facing,” said Chancellor Andrew Leavitt. “This emergency fund will help sustain our students and keep them on the path toward a degree.”

The fundraising campaign has been titled “Titans Rise” and was launched Monday, raising more than $7,400 as of Thursday evening.

The money will “help support critical programs, scholarships and emergency funds,” the university said.

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Overall the count of COVID-19 tests administered locally went up by 18 to a total of 199 as of Thursday evening.

The number of pending tests rose by fourteen while negatives went up by four.

The number of positive tests remained at six.

Winnebago County is doing better on social distancing, according to an online tool developed by a company called Unacast that specializes in location data. Unacast says it can use GPS data to track movement of individuals.

Earlier this week, when the tool was released, Winnebago County received a B, indicating that residents had made a 30% to 40% cut in their travels. As of Thursday, the decline in travel, compared to pre-COVID-19 data, was in the A category, signifying a cut of at least 40%.

The city announced that the polling place for students has been changed, from the now shuttered Reeve Union. The new location is St. John’s Church at 808 N. Main St., although officals are still encouraging absentee over in person balloting.

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