Sunday, August 25, 2019

Oshkosh woman gets probation on methemphetamine possession charge after Murdock Avenue drug bust

By Miles Maguire
A 32-year-old Oshkosh woman was sentenced Aug. 21 to three years of probation after police found 8 grams of methamphetamine in her purse during a forced-entry search of a house in the 1500 block of West Murdock Avenue.

The woman, Jack Lyn N. Young, was a passenger in a car that drove up to the house during the search on March 19, court records show. She told police that she had been living at the house for a week and that she had shot up meth earlier in the day.

Young was arrested along with the driver of the car, Richard C. Stamper, who faces trial next month on drug possession and manufacturing charges.

Young, who pleaded no contest, was represented by Ryan Ulrich. Amanda Folger appeared for the state. Judge Daniel Bissett presided. He imposed costs of $518 and ordered Young to undergo drug abuse assessment.


A 41-year-old Neenah man who arrived two minutes early at the Warming Shelter on High Avenue was sentenced Aug. 21 to 34 days in jail for threatening to kill a police officer in the wake of a dispute about not being able to spend the night.

The Warming Shelter does not allow clients to line up for the night before 6 p.m. But James C. Brown and another man came to the door at 5:58 p.m. on March 18 and were sent to the back of the line when the shelter opened up, according to court papers. By the time they got back to the front of the line, the shelter was full, and they were denied admission. While the other man left peaceably, Brown started to create a disturbance, according to court records, and he was eventually arrested.

Because Brown had a cast on his leg, he had to be taken to a hospital for a medical evaluation before going to jail. While being wheeled to the emergency room, he unleashed a series of threats against police, including “something to the effect of putting the crosshairs on my head and blowing up my head,” the arresting officer said in a court filing.

The defendant said he would use a .338 bullet, which was developed for use by military snipers, and that it would “cut right through my body armor,” the officer said. “I took that as a threat that he was going to shoot me in my head and through my body armor.”

Brown was represented by Steven Smits and pleaded no contest before Judge Scott Woldt. Adam Levin appeared for the state. Court costs of $518 were assessed.


A 54-year-old sex offender who had been living on Division Street was sentenced to nine months in jail after police found pornography and a large number of online accounts on his cellphone during a search on March 12.

Leslie E. Bush is on the sex offender registry because he had groped his 8-year-old daughter “on a couple of occasions,” according to a criminal complaint. His use of the internet is limited by the terms of his release.

He pleaded no contest on Aug. 22 at a hearing before Judge John Jorgensen. Bush was represented by Steven Smits, and Anthony Prekop appeared for the state. Court costs of $518 were assessed.


A 2015 case that began with accusations of false imprisonment and repeated sexual assault of a child ended Aug. 22 with a no contest plea to a charge of genital exposure.

The case involved then 18-year-old Mitchell B. Elliott, who had sex five times over a two-day period with a 13-year-old runaway, according to a criminal complaint. The sex began in the basement of a house in the 1500 block of Algoma Boulevard, with other assaults occurring in a house “somewhere near Burger King in the city of Oshkosh,” the complaint says.

Elliott was sentenced to two years probation by Judge Daniel Bissett. The defendant was represented by Daniel Muza, and Tracy Ann Paider appeared for the state. Court costs of $518 were taken out of a previously posted $3,000 bond.

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