Saturday, August 17, 2019

High Avenue shooting nets sentence for gun possession

By Miles Maguire

One of the men accused of involvement in the June 22 shooting on High Avenue has been sentenced to 18 months in prison, court records show.

Arhmed L. McGraw, of Fond du Lac, entered a no contest plea Aug. 12 to a charge of possessing a firearm illegally based on a prior felony conviction.

According to court papers, McGraw brandished a .22 caliber pistol during a confrontation between two other men who were arguing over a woman. Police said one of the men appeared to have at least two or three gunshot wounds and was semiconscious when they arrived.

McGraw, 23, and several others left the scene in a car that was pulled over in a traffic stop.

McGraw initially gave a fake name but acknowledged that he went to the High Avenue address with a female and her boyfriend, police reported. At the time McGraw said he was carrying a handgun but never took it out of his pocket.

Police said they found multiple guns in the car, including a silver and black Phoenix Arms .22 caliber “long rifle,” which despite its name is actually handgun. “Based on witness statements about the description of one of the guns and the physical description of the person holding his gun, this was the firearm that McGraw had in his possession,” police said.

Another Fond du Lac man, 26-year-old Deangelo W. Johnson, is scheduled for a plea hearing Aug. 26 on charges of second-degree recklessly endangering safety and illegal possession of a firearm.

The McGraw case was heard by Judge Scott C. Woldt. Daniel Muza represented McGraw, and Tracy Ann Paider was the prosecuting attorney. Court costs came to $518.


A 29-year-old Oshkosh man who briefly evaded police before being subdued with an electric stun gun, pleaded guilty to bail jumping and was sentenced Aug. 16 to court costs of $518 and 31 days in jail, which had already been served.

Trever D. Buhrow was living at a residence on Grand Street when police came to serve an arrest warrant in July. Knowing that he had a “history of taking off,” officers were stationed at the back of the house while others made contact at the front door, court papers say.

Buhrow made it past the officers at the back door but was cornered against a fence near the Boys and Girls Club, according to court documents. When he continued to resist by clinging to a fence, police warned him that they would use an electric stun gun and then did so.

A “bag of pills, identified on as a prescription drug, citalopram,” was found on Buhrow, police said, adding that the man did not appear to have a prescription. Citalopram is an antidepressant that can produce a feeling of euphoria when used in large amounts.

Two other charges were dismissed but read in, meaning they can be considered in the sentencing for another crime. They were resisting an officer and possessing an illegally obtain prescription.

The case was heard by Judge Barbara Key. Rebecca Castonia represented Buhrow, and Eric Sparr was the prosecuting attorney.

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