Saturday, May 4, 2019

Oshkosh turns its attention to future of Lakeshore Park

With the Oshkosh Corp. headquarters nearing completion, attention now turns to the rest of the old golf course.
If you are interested in what happens to the rest of the old Lakeshore Municipal Golf Course, you should make plans to attend the May 6 meeting of the Advisory Park Board.

That's when the city will begin the public phase of developing the Lakeshore Park Master Plan, focusing on the part of the old Lakeshore Municipal Golf Course that was not sold to Oshkosh Corp. 

The meeting will be in Room 404 of City Hall.

Below are the city's press release and a list of key dates in the planning process. 


Lakeshore Park Master Plan process begins next week
OSHKOSH, Wis. May 2, 2019 – The process to develop the Master Plan for Lakeshore Park will begin with a kickoff at the Advisory Park Board Meeting this Monday. The full schedule to create the Master Plan spans about 4 months, and will consist of public meetings of several boards and commissions, public visioning meetings, and other public input opportunities. It is anticipated that a Concept Plan will be presented to the Oshkosh Common Council in October.

“We are excited to get the planning process started to create the Lakeshore Park Master Plan,” said Parks Director Ray Maurer. “Along with help from our consulting firm, we will be looking to the public who will be using the park for their input through public meetings, an online Polco survey, and direct conversation.”

The City hired consulting firm SmithGroup to assist in developing the Lakeshore Park Master Plan. SmithGroup will attend next week’s Advisory Park Board meeting to be introduced to the Advisory Park Board, share other successful projects they have completed similar to the Lakeshore project, and present the draft schedule for the planning process. This process will include many opportunities for public input. Initial information gathered during site analysis will also be presented at this meeting.

Next week’s meeting will take place Monday, May 6, beginning at 6 p.m., in Room 404 at Oshkosh City Hall. All Advisory Park Board Meetings are open to the public to attend.

Proposed key dates

May 6 
Present preliminary site analysis to guide/focus conversation

May 17 
Release POLCO online questionnaire

June 5 
POLCO complete; compile results

June 10 
Public Visioning Meeting

July 8 
Joint meeting Advisory Park Board, Pedestrian and Bicycling Advisory Committee, and Sustainability Advisory Board

Aug. 12 
Advisory Park Board Meeting: Conceptual design alternatives

Sept. 9 
Advisory Park Board Meeting: Preferred plan

Sept.17 or Oct. 1

Plan Commission Meeting 

Oct. 8 or Oct. 22

Common Council Meeting 

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