Sunday, June 24, 2018

Cost of turning Lakeshore into park tops $100,000

Photo by Miles Maguire
The city plans to convert most of the old Lakeshore golf course into a public park

By Miles Maguire

The cost of transitioning the old Lakeshore Municipal Golf Course to a public park is expected to top $100,000.

On Tuesday the Common Council will be asked to approve a budget amendment to make funds available for this work.

“A number of sand traps need to be filled and seeded so they do not get overrun with weeds; limited utilities need to continue to be paid on the maintenance sheds; personnel costs associated with this transition time need to be accounted for; and storm water charges continue to incur,” according to a memo sent to the council last week.

The memo puts the price tag at $101,800, but a more detailed attachment comes to $105,700. Most of the money, about $70,000, would go toward labor costs.

The money is expected to come from the sale of golf course property and inventory, the memo says. If those funds are not enough, the rest of the money will come from land sale proceeds.

Oshkosh Corp. agreed to pay $3.3 million for about 33 acres of the old golf course.

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